Anne Bray has been "potting" in Georgia for
some twenty eight years.  She was born in
Savannah, grew up in Florida, graduated from
Huntington College in Montgomery, Alabama
with majors in Mathematics and English (strange
majors for a potter, huh?) and did some  
graduate work at Florida State University.  She
worked for RCA in Satellite Beach Florida as a
data reduction analyst during the space age
(Apollo Program days) and later for Bendix
Avionics in Ft. Lauderdale as a
programmer/systems analyst.

When her husband was transferred to Atlanta in
1979, she left the world of industry and had the
time to fully pursue her interests in the arts.  
While she has always been involved with arts
and crafts (she enjoys working with stained
glass, china painting,  and rug hooking--
some of her work here), pottery became her
love.  Shortly after arriving in Atlanta, she
enrolled in pottery classes at the Dekalb North
Arts Center.  Soon she had her own wheel and
kiln(s) in her basement studio and was teaching
classes at the North Arts Center (now the Spruill
Center for the Arts).  She continues to teach at
the center and is an active menber of the
Dunwoody Arts and Crafts Guild.  She has her
work displayed at various galleries in Georgia
and participates in a limited number of arts and
crafts shows.  
About Us
Anne Bray Pottery
Centering the Clay
Making a Pitcher
Attaching Handles to a Casserole
Finishing a Piggy Bank
Loading the Kiln
Kiln Loaded and Ready for Bisque Firing
Drying --Getting Ready to Bisque Fire
Pottery to be packed and delivered to a Gallery
Trimming a Piece of Pottery
The Potter